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We recently exhibited The Boo Collective at AGHA gift fair in Sydney. We noticed there was an abundance of candles on show, some cute things and some... not so cute things. As usual we were on the hunt for Eco friendly and sustainable products. Pretty items that we would be proud to have in our own homes, products that are #prettysustainable 

Here are our 5 top Eco products that we found at the gift fair:

1. Animal Rattan storage basket from H&G living.


So obviously cute and practical, but why are these storage baskets considered sustainable? Made from rattan, this is an exceptionally sustainable wood, being the quickest growing tropical wood that renews in only 5 - 7 years. There are about 600 palm species, which are abundant and can be found all over South Asia.  Rattan also helps to sustain numerous other plants and landscapes. It does not require pollutants or machinery to be harvested or made. Rattan  manufacturing is low tech, not requiring production facilities that pollute the environment.

2. Self watering growing station from Cup O Flora:



I don't know about you, but I seem to over water or under water my indoor plants. Cup O Flora's self watering pots are designed as the perfect solution for growing small to medium plants in a limited space, combining strong borosilicate glass with sustainable bamboo. Cup O Flora  believe that businesses have a big role to play in reducing the use of non-degradable materials such as plastic. Hence, over the past six years, they have taken steps to become environmentally responsible, including swapping from plastic pots to glass, using recycled materials, stopping the use of bubble wrap and continuously researching ways to be more Eco friendly.

3. Ceramic bakeware form Wonki ware.


With their pretty pastel colour palette, we couldn't resist the new bake ware range from Wonki ware.The company employ, train and support people from a local community in South Africa, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Each item is 100% hand-made and totally special, products that stand alone in a world of mass production. They certainly fit the requirements to be   #prettysustainable   

 4. Wooden bobble head animals from Wooderful life.



These handcrafted wooden bobble head toys & music boxes from Wooderful Life are Eco-friendly and classically beautiful. Made using traditional woodworking techniques high-quality wood that shows off their beautiful lines, tinges and grain. Timbers are sourced from certified commercial planting forests in Europe, North America and New Zealand. 

5. Linen collection from Tim Neve.




Australian Interior Stylists Tim Neve's latest collection features a palette of warm and earthy clay tones. Natural fibres like 100% Linen are hand-made in Australia into homewares like cushions, throws, lampshades, beanbags and artwork. 

Made from the flax plant, linen is the ultimate sustainable natural fibre with both functional and ethical appeal. It not only keeps you cool on hot summer days, but it is also one of the most environmentally sustainable fibres produced. Every part of the flax plant has traditionally been used to create a worthwhile product- nothing is wasted, and production is cost effective. 

That's a wrap of the AGHA, but what is our favourite all time #prettysustainable product everyday of the year? Click here to find out .....


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