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About The Boo

30 million plastic toothbrushes and 2.9 billion straws are sent into landfill every year in Australia alone!

We are a small family run business from regional Victoria, Australia. We are passionate about bamboo and it’s role in helping to reduce the amount of plastic that is used in this beautiful country of ours. We embarked on this journey to raise more aware children, educating them (and ourselves along the way) to switch to better 'waste free’ or less waste alternatives.


One thing though... we quickly grew tired of trying to find different coloured or shaped bamboo toothbrushes so our kids would stop using 'anyone's' brush (yuk)! 

The idea came "Why not get some made that have different coloured handles and bristles!"

So here we are, with what we consider to be a pretty awesome range of funky bamboo toothbrushes for the whole family. Realising the amazing qualities and benefits of bamboo we added more products to our range, ones that we wanted for our kids that we couldn't buy in Australia!  These products include bamboo suction sets, a sippy cup and a newly designed bamboo straw cup!

Always looking for better alternatives, we plan to grow our range of bamboo products as the need to cut down on plastic consumption continues to grow. We like pretty things and we like sustainable things:

We're #prettysustainable


A Sustainable Switch is a journey- Just start! A small change is better than no change at all.

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