Postage : 1 to 5 Toothbrushes or Straws $3...|...6 + Toothbrushes or Anything Else $9.95

Fundraise With Us


You will be supporting a small business and the environment at the same time!

The products we offer are every day items and at a very reasonable cost to families. We will provide samples for your community to see the quality of the product during the fundraising period.

We provide customised order forms and  display poster in PDF format. 
Choose the percentage of funds you raise according to your involvement
  • 30% return: We will pack individual orders, clearly labelled and sorted into classes.
  • 40% return: products delivered in bulk- you divide and conquer!
Simply fill out the below form with your organisations information and we will send though the info you need to get started.
For more info please contact us here or send an email to :

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