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Give Back Program

We always knew that we wanted to give back to the community, but could never agree on just one worthy cause! We collectively are passionate about many things, sustainability in schools, animals and the environment, our Kinders & playgroups.. and our local sports clubs.So should we support the environment, a children's charity,  an indigenous cause or a local charity?... 

We had an aha moment.. 'we can support them all and let you choose!'
It's simple:
1. Submit your chosen school, kinder, group or charity for consideration to be a part of our Give Back Program.
2. Once approved, we will then contact you with a GIVEBACK code to use on our online store. Share the code with your friends, family and community.
3.  25% of all orders placed using this code will be given back to the approved organisation. This is an ongoing program with commission from orders given back at the end of the month, every month! (We like to think people replace their toothbrushes often!)



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