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  • Baby Led Weaning- How To Make It Easier!

    Let’s talk baby led weening! As a mum of 3, I can 100% advocate for it! After making purées and assorted baby meals for my first two, it was a welcome change to just pull up the high chair at family meal times and give my youngest a deconstructed version of our meal (always ensuring they were soft and safe sizes for little hands and mouths). Yes it was messy, but he was exposed to so much more variety and mealtime was much less stressful.
  • What's the deal with Silicone and how Eco friendly is it?

    With more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating around our oceans, using less plastic means contributing less to polluting our wildlife. Silicone can be a better substitute for some plastic goods. But... What's the deal with Silicone and how Eco friendly is it?
  • 10 Fun Facts About Bamboo

    10 Fun facts about Bamboo! What an amazing plant!

    Almost on a daily basis we are reminded of the damaging effects we are doing to the environment. Global warming, mass deforestation and oceans being polluted by plastic are hot topics on the news every day. So how can one plant help? Bamboo might not save the world... but it is a damn good start!

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