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Are you looking for Eco-friendly and sustainable fundraising ideas for your kindergarten or school?

Having three kids go through kinder and now at school, I often feel a little scabby when I didn’t participate in many of the fundraisers coming home. I don’t eat pies and don’t you dare bring that box of chocolates home because I’d eat the whole box myself!

I didn’t even order the plates or tea towels with their drawings, because … who wants scribble on a bit of melamine (plus of course I’m anti-plastic!)

Fundraising for kindergarten and schools doesn’t have to be all pies and chocolates. I believe a truly sustainable fundraiser is one that promotes products that are not only kind to the planet but kind to family's wallets! With the cost of living increasing, it’s not great to ask parents to fork out for products they don’t really need.  I have discovered some great Eco-friendly and sustainable fundraisers that are good for our kids and great for the planet!

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Here are my five favourites

  1. The drink bottle fundraiser.

Plastic drink bottles are one of the world’s worst offenders when it comes to waste. Nearly 90% of plastic drink bottles are not recycled and end up n landfill. This fundraiser sells stainless steel drink bottles that can be personalised with your child’s name. You can also choose from 20 images to have printed on the bottle, or better yet your kindergarten or school logo!. How good would this be as the first fundraiser at the start of the year. You would probably want to let parents know in advance so they would not purchase a drink bottle prior to starting Kindergarten or school. Drink bottles come in 2 sizes with $5 being made from each bottle sale. More info here

  1. Honeybee wraps.

These wraps I personally love and  make a super sustainable fundraising option. The reusable wraps are made from 100% organic cotton, natural beeswax, jojoba oil, coconut oil and tree resin. These flexible wraps mould over the top of a dish or can wrap cheese, vegetables and sandwiches. Think how much glad wrap that you will save from going into landfill! These wraps are so easy to wash and even better are made right here in Australia developed by a Mum! Prices start at $14 and your kinder receives 50% of all sales made! Find our more here

  1. Zero Co sustainable schools.

This one’s easy! Sign up for the Zero Co’s sustainable schools program (I’m sure you could register your kinder or any group) They’ll build you a bespoke online fundraising page just for your school. Once your fundraising page is live, share it with your community and earn up to $40 for your school with every sale. At the conclusion of your campaign you'll be paid automatically via the online payments platform and the orders delivered directly to your school. For every $10 you raise they take 1KG of plastic out of the ocean on your school’s behalf. More info here

  1. The Boo Collective.

Well of course it would be remiss of me to mention our very own sustainable fundraiser, ha ha! The products we offer are everyday items, at a very reasonable cost to families. Now that’s sustainable! We like to think that everyone brushes their teeth? We provide customised order forms and display poster in PDF format. (no paper going out) Products are sent to you to divide and conquer with 40% of all sales returned to your school, kinder or group.

Our giveback program is a second option for those wanting to do bugger all J Submit your chosen school, kinder, group or charity and once approved, we will then contact you with a unique code use on our online store. Share the code with your friends, family and community.
Orders are sent directly to the family with 25% of all orders placed using the code will be given back This is an ongoing program with commission from orders given back at the end of the month, every month! (We like to think people replace their toothbrushes often!) Details here

  1. Wear your coat to school day.

This one’s done in house and will save your school some money on power and saving power is great for the environment too! During winter, choose a day to turn the heating right down and get the students to wear a coat to school (or an Oodie). They could even bring Doona’s (how fun is that?). Ask them to bring along their own mug or keep cup and even raise some funds by serving hot chocolate

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